Here at Qrysp, we’re all about making teeth whitening available to everyone. Creating products that allow quick and effective home teeth whitening that really makes a difference to our customer’s smiles is the most important part of our business. But why do we all love whiter teeth so much? And are there more benefits to achieving whiter teeth than simply a better selfie? Here, we take a look a little deeper into the benefits of home teeth whitening.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

It’s a real confidence booster

Avoiding smiling or having your photograph taken because of your teeth can lead to increased confidence issues later down the line. Whitening your teeth and making you more likely to smile with confidence is great for self-esteem and positivity.

It’s great for anti-ageing

Dark, stained or miscoloured teeth can age a person’s appearance dramatically. Forget Botox or fillers, simply whitening your teeth makes you look younger, more polished and altogether healthier.

It will encourage you to floss

Once you’ve improved the look and feel of your teeth by removing stains and creating a whiter smile, you’ll be more likely to keep up with your regular oral hygiene. Having seen instant results, teeth whitening encourages you to brush, floss and generally take better care of your teeth.

It can reduce stress

Believe it or not, whitening your teeth can actually reduce your stress and make you feel happier, which is all part of building your natural confidence. With one less thing to be worried about, whitening your teeth can make you feel more positive and put you in a much better mood, long-term.

Benefits of HOME Teeth Whitening

We’ve seen that there are so many benefits of teeth whitening. However, there are also many different benefits to home teeth whitening, in particular, that make opting for Qrysp the natural choice if you’re looking to achieve a whiter, brighter smile.

Save yourself money

It might seem like the most obvious benefit, so we’ll start with costing. There are lots of different procedures and processes you can go through to achieve a whiter smile from different kinds of bleaches to lasers. However, once you decide to have teeth whitening done in a dentist or cosmetic surgery, the prices can become completely unreachable for many.

With home teeth whitening, you can achieve fantastic and instantly noticeable results that get better and better for a price that is affordable to everyone.

Fit it into your lifestyle

Unlike having to plan appointments weeks or sometimes months ahead of time and travel to an inconvenient location, home teeth whitening allows you to create your own teeth whitening schedule. You can whiten whatever time of day suits, even doing the treatment in bed while reading your book. The new and improved way to whiten, fit the process into your daily routine to suit your lifestyle.

Improved and approved products

Home teeth whitening is now better than ever before. Our Qrysp products have been specially designed for the best possible results in a short period of time and are FDA approved as completely safe for the health of your teeth and gums. Where once home teeth whitening gained a poor reputation, products are now improved and revolutionised, becoming a safe, inexpensive and effective option for whiter teeth.

There are lots of reasons to start whitening your teeth at home. However, building your confidence and creating a brighter, more beautiful smile seems, to us, like a great place to start.

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