We’re all keen to achieve that perfect Hollywood smile with brighter whiter teeth and a new-found burst of confidence. That’s why at Qrysp, we create home teeth whitening kits that really work. Making it easier to grab the full kit so you can start your teeth whitening journey with all the essentials, we created some bundle options that include everything you’re going to need to get started and see an instant result.

– Which Bundle Should I Get?

For a complete home teeth whitening package, choose from our full bundles that include an LED teeth whitening light and mouth guard and extra refill kits for continued use, as well as our instant-result activated charcoal powder.

When it comes to deciding which bundle is going to suit your lifestyle the best, it comes down to the LED part of the kit. Our first bundle contains our battery-powered LED light and detachable mouth guard and our second bundle contains a wired USB LED kit that plugs directly into your mobile phone or another device.

The other main difference in the kits? The application of our teeth whitening gel. The LED kit comes with teeth whitening gel syringes, which allows you to disperse the gel into the mouth guard. The USB LED kit includes teeth whitening gel pens, which allows for direct application to the tooth’s surface.

With the same technology and amazing results, you simply need to choose which design suits you the best.

– How Will I Use Qrysp Home Teeth Whitening?

Opting for a bundle package gives you the best possible chance of seeing amazing whiter teeth results in the quickest time frame. Especially, when used daily.

Activated Charcoal Powder

The first part of the package is the activated charcoal teeth whitening powder, which can be inserted into your morning and evening teeth brushing routine with minimal effort. After brushing your teeth normally, use a damp soft bristle toothbrush and press lightly into the charcoal powder, brushing over your teeth for around two minutes. Once you’ve thoroughly rinsed, you’ll notice immediate brightening results, which improve the whiteness of your teeth with every use.

LED Kits

The next part of your bundle package will be your choice of LED teeth whitening equipment. Whether you opt for the USB or battery-powered design, you should use this each day until you have completed the gel treatments for the very best results.

Busy lifestyle? No problem. Once you’ve brushed your teeth, pat them dry with a towel and apply either the teeth whitening pen directly or pop in your mouth guard which you will have already filled with your included teeth whitening gel. Press the LED light button on the top and you’re free to carry on getting ready, drying your hair or simply relaxing while the teeth whitening kit gets to work on any stains or discolouration.

When your kit beeps, that day’s treatment is complete. Just rinse your mouth guard and set aside to continue the process tomorrow.

Our quick and easy solution to home teeth whitening fits seamlessly into any busy lifestyle making it the perfect way to achieve your best, brightest smile.

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